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"Near the horizon, a gleaming silver tower bathed in floodlights,
stood the last of the Saturn Vs, for almost twenty years a
national monument and place of pilgrimage.

-2001, A Space Odyssey -Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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Demolition Has Begun!

NASA has been forced to accede to EPA demands that work proceed with disposal of LUT 1, which has been classified as "hazardous waste" due to its eroding paint surface.

On February 12th, the disposal work has re-started. Nevertheless, the cutting of the main structure will not begin for about two more weeks, probably in the week starting March 1st, giving us that much time to find a donor or business investor committed to preserving this historic artifact from the most incredible achievement ever undertaken by mankind.

The eroding paint can be safely removed while at the same time preserving this treasure of our past. LUT 1 can still be saved if the right conditions are met. NASA have provided the Space Restoration Society with a direct line to contact if such a donor comes forward. Anything past the March 1st date will result in less and less of the intact tower remaining for a pristine restoration. Six months from now there will be nothing remaining.

We need your support now more than ever - please sign the petition and get everyone you know to sign it too.

We have a form letter which you can print and mail to your senator and house represetatives

LUT in the News!

Sunday 9th February, Central Florida News 13 are showing an article on the LUT's predicament - this is our very first TV coverage for the campaign.

Sunday 9th February, Slashdot.org, a forum for IT and technical experts, are carrying the LUT's situation to a vast audience around the world for us - so much so that our petition server got 'slashdotted'! Good work and thanks guys! Please keep promoting the campaign for us!

Sunday 8th February, Our Petition has hit a staggering 2000 signatures! Having only really announced it properly last Tuesday night that is an incredible achievement in such a short period of time, and shows nearly double the hit-rate of the "Save Hubble" petition which got Senators and House representatives involved.

Saturday 7th February, Florida Today carried this article on the LUT's situation.

Thursday 5th February, Space.com included our press release in their astronotes.

Thursday 3rd February, CollectSpace.com are following the progress of the LUT on their website here.


The Apollo 11 mission ignited our enthusiasm with undreamed-of accomplishments.

The first Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT 1), which once supported this historic Moon rocket, stood tall and proud as the backbone to the most incredible achievement mankind has ever witnessed.

LUT 1 - 16th July 1969, launch of Apollo 11

Today LUT 1 lies dismantled, slowly gathering rust in a yard behind the administration buildings at the Kennedy Space Center. - an almost forgotten marvel of our history.

LUT 1 - today

We are determined that this 490-ft tall structure not be allowed to just rot away. It symbolizes the heights of the struggles and achievements so many of our families committed to in order to make the impossible dream of landing a Man on the Moon come true. It should once again stand tall and declare how determined and committed we can be.

We firmly believe that now, with the 35th Anniversary of the Moon landings approaching in July 2004, we can raise the funds necessary to restore this tower to its former glory and rebuild it as a permanent monument to the achievements of Project Apollo.

LUT 1 - Apollo Monument
Proposed Dedication, July 16, 2009

Quote from 2001, A Space Odyssey used with kind permission of Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Apollo Images on this website courtesy of Kipp Teague's Project Apollo Image gallery
"LUT Today" image courtesy of Greg Katnik
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