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A brief history of LUT 1:

LUT 1 is the most valuable structure of its type anywhere in the world. It needs preserving because it was the tower which launched the most historically significant missions of the Apollo Program:

    Apollo 4 - The very first gargantuan Saturn-V rocket to climb into the skies.

  • Apollo 8 - Men circled the Moon for the very first time in history, bringing back the first view of the Earth rising over the horizon of another world.
  • Apollo 11 - The historic mission to put the very first Humans on to the surface of another planet.
  • All of the manned Skylab research missions.
  • The very last Apollo mission went to meet a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in orbit and show the world that in space, even the great enemies of the Cold War could work together in peace.

LUT 1 heads the list of the National Parks Service, 26 Man in Space' sites which are Nationally Significant.

It was also registered on the National Trust for Historical Preservation's list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places and we are working to have the LUT restored to that list in 2004.

Of the three original LUT's, only LUT 1, had such an extraordinary series of historic missions. Would future generations forgive us if we do not preserve this valuable piece of our history while we still can?

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